Ahp in logistics

ahp in logistics Analytic hierarchy process (ahp) in maritime logistics: theory, application and fuzzy set integration bulut, emrah (et al) pages 31-78.

The aim of the study is an attempt of ahp method implementation for decision making in the field of city logistics this method could be used as a tool supporting the municipalities in multicriteria decision making. Contemporarily, globalization causes increase in competitions and this fact leads the companies having to focus on their specialties in order to gain competitive advantage. Managing logistics service quality is vital to achieving higher levels of customer satisfaction and gaining productivity in this paper, we address the problem of logistics service quality management considering multiple stakeholders point of view namely shippers, customers, municipal administrators, city residents, traffic managers, etc.

Selectionof cold chain logistics service providers in logistics provider, where from the multi criteria decision making purpose ahp and fahp technique are to. Effective and simple method that combines both ahp and topsis for the logistics company for employee per- formance evaluation purposes in the evaluate process, the ahp is used for the weight of attributes and perfor-. In this study we apply the analytic hierarchy process (ahp) to evaluate the service quality of third-party logistics (3pl) service providers we first conceptualize five dimensions of 3pl.

An ahp approach in benchmarking logistics performance of the postal industry felix ts chan and hk chan department of industrial and manufacturing systems engineering,. Ahp is a subjective tool with which to analyze distribution companies in recent years have been adopting the logistics management view to guide their business operations (aktas & ulengin 2. Analytic hierarchy process and supply chain the research evidenced that the analytic hierarchy process has been the method mostapplied in publications from 1993 . An analytic hierarchy process (ahp) model to anticipate logistics organization’s preference for operations research (or) tools adoption wan fei lai∗. Makes a model of collaborative logistics performance oriented manufacturing industry based on ahp-bp afterwards,the paper makes wen ling automobile manufacturing industry as an example to apply and promote, which.

Corporate enterprises – a new ahp excel template with multiple inputs, proceedings of the international symposium on the analytic hierarchy process, . Methodology, namely the analytic hierarchy process (ahp), is used in an automotivesupply chain for exportparts to redesignthe logistics operations and to select a global logistics service provider. Saaty's ahp is helpful in evaluating alternatives thanks to its effective procedure to determine the relative weights of several comparison criteria combining the results of expert interviews, ahp can be very useful for a company in choosing a third party logistics service provider (3pl) however . – the purpose of this paper is to provide an insight into the use of an integrated approach of fuzzy analytical hierarchy process (fuzzy ahp) and topsis in evaluating the performance of global third party logistics service providers for effective supply chain management.

Selection of a logistics service provider based on analytic hierarchy process (ahp) approach a case study of swedish coffee manufacturer —gevalia heshan ye, jiading wu. 86 the selection of the logistics center location using ahp method željko stević a, slavko vesković b, marko vasiljevićc, goran tepićd a university of east sarajevo, faculty of traffic engineering doboj, bosnia and herzegovina. In the last few decades, there is a growing interest in using analytic hierarchy process (henceforth ahp), and it is frequently employed in solving the maritime industry problem since the 2000s the ahp method is a powerful instrument to decompose complex decision-making problems and to simplify . In this paper, a decision-making model for outsourcing the logistics system was developed using the analytic hierarchy process (ahp) with this technique, several options are considered in the decision analysis that make it possible to adequately evaluate and determine whether outsourcing the logistics distribution may be beneficial or not for . In this paper we propose an approach for selecting the supplier based on ahp and dea with the ahp methodology, the weight of any qualitative (input and output) is determined, and the alternative supplier can be evaluated by multiple qualitative and quantitative criteria the dea model is used to .

Ahp in logistics

In the global competitive environment, companies not only improve the quality of service and increase the efficiency, they also decrease the cost by means of third-party logistics (3pls) 3pls, therefore, is an important strategy for companies desiring to gain a competitive advantage and 3pls provider selection plays a critical role for the success of outsourcing. This study aimed to support leather products company’s decision makers by selecting best supplier considering risks factors in logistics with the help of powerful analytical hierarchy process (ahp) approach. Multiattribute warehouse location selection in humanitarian logistics using hesitant fuzzy ahp international journal of the analytic hierarchy process, 8(2) https: .

Used analytic hierarchy process to determine the weight of each indicator firstly, then used the information entropy to calculate the options of the third-party logistics providers,. Logistics park location is an important aspect of logistics network as a whole introducing the analytic hierarchy process (ahp) in the logistics area, analizing the main factors affecting it first, and then establish alternative evaluation index system, the factors affecting the importance weights, as the basis of the specific scheme selection . The paper will propose a model based on the analytic hierarchy process (ahp) to select a 3pl provider acting as the lead logistics provider (llp) for ttf an application of. Keywords: key factors, c2c logistics company, 3pl provider, fuzzy ahp, thailand i introduction in last decade, logistics in organization had played a significant role to the supply chain sector which.

A collaborative application of ahp to enhance a routing model for logistics and reverse logistics arun raja a, arjun m and anishkumar m. Job openings at ahp full time positions as of 8/3/2018 manager of event services the manager of event services manages and coordinates advance planning and onsite logistics for all association meetings and exhibits to include association staff events. Applied a fuzzy analytic hierarchy process (fuzzy ahp) in the selection of transport modes for kinmen military logistics the pairwise comparison comments on selecting candidate.

ahp in logistics Analytic hierarchy process (ahp) in maritime logistics: theory, application and fuzzy set integration bulut, emrah (et al) pages 31-78. ahp in logistics Analytic hierarchy process (ahp) in maritime logistics: theory, application and fuzzy set integration bulut, emrah (et al) pages 31-78. ahp in logistics Analytic hierarchy process (ahp) in maritime logistics: theory, application and fuzzy set integration bulut, emrah (et al) pages 31-78. ahp in logistics Analytic hierarchy process (ahp) in maritime logistics: theory, application and fuzzy set integration bulut, emrah (et al) pages 31-78.
Ahp in logistics
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